2016 winner

Keystone Law

Keystone Law has been selected as the organisation exhibiting the most novel use of social media for its “Law Set Free” campaign. The campaign started with a clear objective to recruit 50 senior lawyers and increase client awareness of the Keystone Law brand. These objectives were achieved (and exceeded) by fusing efforts across a live event (actors in a London train station) and multiple digital channels united together under the provocative hashtag #SetLawFree. Recognised for its boldness and synergistic use of contemporary marketing channels.

“Remaining at the forefront of legal innovation is a fundamental part of Keystone’s ethos. The only way to succeed in today’s economy is to recognise that the future is digital and social media engagement plays a huge part in the shaping of that future. The Law Set Free campaign is the perfect example of our continued investment in modern marketing channels so it’s a real honour to be rewarded, by the MPF, for our efforts in this area.” Kristina Oliver, Marketing Director, Keystone Law

Novel Use Of Social Media

From left: Jon Culshaw, Alex Sayers and Georgiana Foster (Keystone Law) with Nadia Cristina (PM Magazine)


2nd place


Garrigues has been highly commended for its use of social media to expand its presence as a global law firm throughout Latin America. The impressive use of social media supports the firm’s strategic initiative to transfer its position as a leading legal service provider to online channels. The campaign enabled the firm to tailor information to different geographical interests while still preserving and promoting a unified international identity. Recognised for its scope and strong lawyer participation.


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