Specialist groups

Managing Partners’ Forum’s Specialist Groups provide an exclusive and confidential forum for senior leaders in the professional services sectors to network, share knowledge and insights, and discuss business challenges in a supportive and collaborative environment. Participants have the opportunity to build new contacts and relationships with industry leaders, opening the door to fresh ideas and a robust support network. Operating under the Forum banner, members gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing firmwide leaders in their industry, allowing them to contribute significantly to their firm’s management discussions and enhance overall value. Joining these Specialist Groups offers unparalleled growth and impact for professionals seeking to excel in their field.

Managing Partners’ Forum groups

Finance & Operations group

The Forum’s Finance & Operations Group provides a formal network of respected leaders who manage and advise on financial and operational matters.

Management Team Together Group

Given the interdependency of management functions in tackling the big issues, this group brings together all ‘C-suite’ disciplines to encourage dialogue and different perspectives.

People, Performance, & Culture Group

The Group provides a formal network to examine the impact of the very real changes that are redefining every aspect of work, and concepts that engender best practice.

Strategy & Marketing Group

The Group provides a formal network for those with responsibility for marketing and business development and tasked to implement their firm’s strategy.



“Powerful exchanges of ideas and initiative all aimed at knowledge sharing and improvement.”

Philip Black, Arcadis

“A rare opportunity to share on an informal but confidential basis ideas and experiences with fellow professionals facing similar challenges.”

Jon Randall, Moore Stephens


  • Leaders/ senior managers at professional services firms
  • With two paid-up members, others can be proposed at no extra cost
  • Leading suppliers to the sector
    can apply (only a few are accepted!)