Every successful organisation has to combine technical expertise with strong leadership and management.

Traditionally, professional firms hired administrators, with ‘C-Suite’ roles held by busy fee earning partners. The disadvantages of this ‘gifted amateur’ approach became apparent as pioneering firmwide leaders began to hire senior managers with expertise in operations, finance, people, technology, marketing, project management and pricing.

The pendulum has now shifted to the extent that it would be unusual for a medium-sized firm not to hire a few management experts. However, few firms have altered their ownership structure, resulting in a very different environment to the one that would be familiar to a senior management expert from a corporate background.

The firmwide leader has a critical role in ensuring that the right management experts are hired, and that a stage is created on which both players (frontline advisers and management experts) are aware of their roles and work together to further the success of the business.

Our presenter is a pioneer recruiter who has helped countless firmwide leaders to recruit and retain management experts.