2015 winner

Bird & Bird

First prize in this section goes to Bird & Bird for their firm-wide matter planning and profitability initiative. The system allows the firm to respond to client demands for more flexible pricing and greater financial transparency whilst ensuring sustained profitability.

Lawyers use these tools internally for allocating and changing resources and prices, and noting the impact on profitability before the matter starts. They can also be deployed during its life cycle to assess how the work is being conducted compared to budget assumptions. Crucially, the firm can alert the client if things are going off-track, which allows the client services team to explore possible scenarios for improvement with them.

Finally, the judges noted that the success criteria were supported by metrics that demonstrated clear improvements in adoption, performance and client engagement.

Systems And Technology Bird Bird

From left: Marcus Brigstocke, Karen Jacks (Bird & Bird) and Fanni Vig (Trovus)


2nd place

Shearman & Sterling

Second place in the section goes to Sherman & Sterling for their global client experience management system (GEM). Forming part of the firm’s Client First Initiative, GEM has been designed to provide enhanced access to client matter activity on a global scale ensuring greater external effectiveness in the delivery of legal services combined with superior operational efficiencies internally. The initiative was impressive for its scale and the unification of a large number disparate data systems into a single bi-directional intelligence platform responsible for delivering integrated client insight and process efficiencies across the firm’s global network. GEM now operates at the intersection of centralised client service and has been successful in reducing both the cost of delivery and the time to complete legal services for clients.

The judges were very impressed by the submission and the GEM project missed first place by the narrowest of margins.




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