For the leadership team that has inspired people at all levels of the firm to make the changes in behaviour required to implement the strategy.


2019 winner


The Garrigues Innovation Think Tank initiative was deemed the winner because of its strategic clarity, exceptionally high levels of engagement and enthusiasm across all levels of the firm and tangible proposals and results that have flowed from the initiative.

Garrigues Best Strategy Implementation

Lucy Porter, Ignacio Corbera Dale (Garrigues) and Nicholas Bailey (Santander)

Winner’s quote: “We are very proud of this award, which is a prize for the organisation as a whole. The best ideas often come from collaboration between professionals, and Garrigues Innovation Think Tank’s goal is to channel collectively the firm’s innovative efforts. We really believe that this in-house lab, based on cross-thinking and transversal teams, is helping us to be up to the challenge and to offer a competitive business advantage to increasingly sophisticated clients.”
Fernando Vives, Executive Chairman at Garrigues

2nd place

ARC Pensions Law

ARC Pensions Law has been on a focussed journey. Clarity of purpose and an informal approach to talent management have achieved exceptional results so far. Maintaining both will be key as the firm grows in size.



Santander new


A&L Goodbody