2022 winner


The judging panel all agreed that Shoosmiths had provided a strong submission with clear evidence of innovation and cross-company transformation, which was to be highly commended on the measurable impact, as well as having strong strategic and logical alignment. Shoosmiths are clearly at the leading edge of how firms are adopting technology and the panel found the idea of collaboration with 3rd parties to keeps costs low and measurable highly innovative. Shoosmiths are now well-positioned to ride out the effects of the pandemic and continue with their growth journey whilst meeting the changing demands of the operating environment, their people, and their clients.

Quote from the live interview – full video below 

“You always have to start with deciding what problem you are trying to solve because you never start with the technology or innovation and then try and find a problem to solve. As long as some of our products are meeting client needs, they will always be there.”

Tony Randle
Partner & Head of Client Strategy


2nd place

Bilzin Sumberg

The panel agreed that Bilzin had produced a sound initiative that added value for the organisation, with reasonable alignment against strategic priorities. There was evidence of good leadership and senior support for the initiative, especially in engaging their Practice Leaders. The measurable impact was lacking in detail and the numbers to support the successful intended outcomes, while there was much anecdotal support there was no substantial evidence. A solid foundation from which to rapidly evolve from.





Arthur Cox