2016 winner


“If you keep your people happy, then your clients will be happy too”.

Led by a Managing Partner, who has no office, and the same desk as everyone else who works in this open plan office, RPC achieved outstanding financial results in 2015, and has earned recognition as the Best Legal Advisor by Legal Week for the last five years.

Innovative initiatives to support employees, a well-developed social inclusion plan, and an unrelenting focus on understanding the needs of clients , have earned recognition as Best Legal Employer over the same five year period.

“If you keep your people happy, then your clients will be happy too”

Winner’s quote: “It was fantastic for the team to win the Best Strategic Leadership Award, particularly as it recognises the significant contribution of many people from across the firm to the professional running of our business. The MPF plays an important role as a standard bearer for excellence in professional services business management, so to be awarded this accolade by them is a major achievement.” Jonathan Watmough, Managing Partner, RPC

Strategic Leadership

From left: Jon Culshaw, the team from RPC and Paul Richmond (GroGroup)


2nd place

Castren & Snellman

Card Games played with clients doesn’t sound too strategic or cost effective, but this firm have developed a way of using specially developed game cards to determine the importance and performance of three value propositions – People, Client Relationships, and Services.

All partners and client-facing staff use these cards with their clients, and at the monthly management meeting, the Managing Partner shares the learning with everyone and reinforces the importance of the initiative. The outcomes are innovative new services, client loyalty, and engaged people.




Stephens Scown