2021 winner

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Clients often feel they are taking a leap into the unknown especially with time critical commercial work. The BCLP Cubed Commercial Contracts Platform puts the client in the driving seat and gives better information on work progress.

This refocus has also brought changes to the way the legal teams work. With the emphasis on data, the legal teams and clients can draw up contract terms more aligned with the client’s needs in a quicker and therefore more cost-effective way. This has opened the way for BCLP to build stronger client relationships by delivering more value.



2nd place


By leveraging the value of data, BLM have developed tools that help insurance clients more accurately predict claim outcomes and therefore the firm can better support their clients’ decision making. This is extremely important for the client as they focus their resources more effectively. Prevention of fraud is one aspect where enhanced digital information has been of real benefit to clients. For the firm, the drive to digital has required additional training and the development of a different mindset.


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