2015 winner


It is not every day you hear about a law firm that is launching new products on a sustainable basis, just like it is normal in the consumer goods business. Normally you will hear about the law firm’s expertise, its credentials, services and practice areas – but at this law firm things are not business as usual. This firm has a track record of launching products – for example a 24 hour Crisis Response Service that helps clients response to a crisis immediately, whether it be legal, psychological or strategic response. The innovation coming from this firm is substantial but in no ways a coincidence. The firm’s leadership has created a culture and a leadership style that encourages risk taking and rewards creativity.

It must be very exciting to be a new lawyer in this firm, because it is expected that you use your creativity and insight to drive newness and it is encouraged that you discover new ways of creating client value. This year’s “Innovation Leadership Award” goes to DWF under the leadership of Andrew Leaitherland for making innovation in the legal industry more than a buzzword and for showing that law does not have to boring and old school.

“We’ve made significant investments this year in our client service delivery, organisational structure and people management and it’s rewarding to see that the initiatives we’re implementing are having positive results for our people and our clients, and further affirms our commitment to delivering legal services differently.” Andrew Leaitherland, Managing Partner & CEO, DWF

Leadership Of Innovation DWF

From left: Marcus Brigstocke, Andrew Leaitherland (DWF) and Simon Hutton (Aon)


2nd place


It was a close race between the winner and the runner-up. This year’s runner-up is – like the winner – also a law firm that has a track record of more than 10 years sustained innovation. The firm has build an integrated client service model that focuses on tailoring services to business outcome and has introduced innovations like visualisation of client communication. The heart of the innovation leadership is what the firm calls ‘talking and listening’ meaning a culture that is empathic, open to ideas and encouraging new ideas.


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