2022 winner

Stroock Stroock & Lavan

The Covid pandemic brought many challenges to professional services firms. The winning firm was concerned not just about its own welfare, but also about the thousands of small businesses, non-profits and sole traders who would struggle as the economy locked down and who might not have survived. They didn’t wait to find out if they would.

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan put together an alliance of firms to provide much-needed emergency help in the form of legal and financial advice, assisting with many of the practical but technical issues that could make the difference.  This was a wonderfully collaborative and impressive intervention at a time of great peril, serving the economy and people of New York City when they really needed reliable help. The alliance managed to provide a rapid response to requests, many thousands of pro bono hours and, perhaps most significant of all, a model of doing good work that is both scalable and transferable.

Quote from the live interview – full video below

“We had some advantages over other firms. Since the aftermath of 9/11, we have forged and honed our ability to do disaster relief – react, stand up, activate when others are paralysed – so were ready when the pandemic struck.”

Kerry Cooperman
Special Counsel and Director of Pro Bono

2nd place

Arthur Cox

Arthur Cox has worked with the Immigrant Council of Ireland for nearly a decade. Their commitment to justice, the rule of law and the rights of individuals is strongly represented in their work for many vulnerable and disadvantaged people. It is a long-term relationship that delivers immediate and life-changing benefits for many of the victims of conflict and oppression around the world who could otherwise face great danger and threat. This pro bono work is rightly the source of great pride for employees, clients and all stakeholders of the firm.


The leadership of this firm has shown great determination and financial commitment as they have set about improving educational opportunities and skills in Pune and Delhi, India. Their charitable foundation has worked with other NGOs to deliver benefits where they are needed the most, using their convening power and resources to leverage strong results. As the firm achieves impressive expansion globally, it has retained strong roots and values.



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William Fry