For the management team that has ensured that its frontline and in-house experts work together effectively to build lasting client relationships and win new work.

2017 winner


There were a number of aspects of Dentons’ coordination winning new work that stood out for the judges. First, they identified a clear market need around which to focus their efforts; the increasing pressures placed on in-house legal teams to deliver more to the business at the same time as reducing cost. Second, their ability to coordinate those efforts across a huge number of different people. Legal teams, marketing, business development, bids and leadership and development worked together to develop the more for less offering, including training more than 120 partners on how to introduce it to clients. Last, the offering gave a context to what it means to be the biggest law firm in the world and how size and scale can be used to have a real impact on the people who matter the most – the clients. All this with clear and powerful results, ranging from an increase in panel appointments, improvement in brand perception and feedback from clients explaining how Dentons has actually made a difference.

Best Co Ordination In Winning New Work

From left: Austin Healey, Chloe Donovan, Damian Taylor and Robin Stephens (Vuture)


2nd place


JLL’s efforts impressed the judges with a clear commitment from the firm’s leadership to building the business around their priority client programme. From recognising they needed to do things differently, the firm recruited a senior team of business development professionals, led by a new director, to focus full time on developing relationships with key clients. With sponsorship from JLL’s Chief Executive, it’s clear that everyone in the business is experiencing the benefits a client focused mindset can bring. Having seen financial results from the programme exceed their initial expectations JLL has built a great platform for future growth.





Flint Bishop